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Club Med

A global chain of all-inclusive resorts.

Perception is key

Club Med is popular in most countries and is synonymous with a fun resort theme. The brand entered the Indian market and six months after they’d entered, Club Med approached us with the objective of spreading awareness to their target group in India.

The idea was to adapt the already established message of being an all-inclusive resort which they thought was their core strength and it was! And this method has worked well for the brand in France where the brand originated and all other countries where they’ve expanded. However, Indians were not familiar with the concept and therefore associated it to an Indian time-share that sounds very similar.

Discover the customer

We conducted a series of studies using proven statistical and social methods to understand what are the deciding factors for their target audience in India to choose a specific resort/holiday destination.

The studies revealed that there are two major factors that their target audience in India consider while deciding on a holiday – it was

a) Accessibility to Indian food
b) Activities that were portrayed to be popular in Bollywood movies

Speak the language that your customer understands

We went on to create a campaign called “Club Med Life” which told India that Club Med has chefs who cater to the tastes of your palate, it has all the fun activities that are being shown in Indian movies!

We ran a series of polls on Facebook asking people for their favourite activity in Club Med , the food dish they would like to have at the resort etc. And we would give away holidays in a foreign resort as sweepstakes.

Another key element of the campaign was, we associated with an influencer who was chosen based on the attributes and characteristics of her fans. We sent her to Club Med Maldives and had her upload videos and Tweet about her experience in the resort. This allowed the audience to picture the fun times that could be had by them considering their needs and priorities from a holiday.

The campaign was also reinforced with email marketing, newsletters, digital advertisements etc.


Club Med had a 200% increase in enquiries when compared to the same period as the previous year.


#Clubmedlife CAMPAIGN