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Club Med

A global chain of all-inclusive resorts.

Perception is key

Club Med is popular in most countries and is synonymous with a fun resort theme. The brand entered the Indian market and six months after they’d entered, Club Med approached us with the objective of spreading awareness to their target group in India.

The idea was to adapt the already established message of being an all-inclusive resort which they thought was their core strength and it was! And this method has worked well for the brand in France where the brand originated and all other countries where they’ve expanded. However, Indians were not familiar with the concept and therefore associated it to an Indian time-share that sounds very similar.

Stanley Black
& Decker

One of the most popular American power tools and
home appliances brand

Prepare your brand for the international market. Stanley Black and Decker has had immense success and profuse brand awareness in the US and most western countries. Its timeline from inception to the present market shows how it had a hand in building America. The brand was entering India and that meant their commitment to accelerating growth in the emerging markets needed a similar commitment to navigate the complexities of the Indian market.

Spry categorized the product lines into the

  • Industrial Power Tools
  • DIY Power Tolls – Domestic use
  • Home Appliances


An afterschool mind math,reading and writing tuition chain
based in the USA.

A multi pronged approach to attain multiple goals ALOHA USA had 3 learning centers and they wanted to rapidly grow in presence across the US while simultaneously wanting to increase sign-ups at the new centers. They approachd us with the intent of finding interested franchisees across the US and keep their existing customers engaged.

Unconventional methods to
reach conventional growth

LinkedIn would have been the obvious choice to attract potential investors however, Facebook was chosen as the platform to target interested franchisees due to the ethnicity of the target audience. A tactful audience targeting and communication plan enabled the brand to generate leads across the USA. The brand grew to over a 100 centers by the end of the project.

Phoenix Marketcity

Phoenix Marketcity is a chain of upscale retail malls housing over 200 global brands.

With fierce competition between retail shopping destinations to attract shoppers during Christmas, Phoenix Marketcity wanted to be seen as an experiential destination where people can have a fun day out and experience entertainment, fashion and food in its best form during the holiday season.